The weather in Dubai. is dessertic type. This basically means that it doesn't rain for long periods of time, and summers are considered scorching, although they have very strong and humid winds.

Dubai has an average maximum temperature during the month of August.which reaches limits around 41 degrees Celsius, dropping to around 30 degrees during the nighttime, which is still considered quite stifling.

Due to the aforementioned conditions, it is recommended to travel to Dubai During the months of November, April, January, and February, it is recommended to visit this remarkable country. These months offer lower temperatures during the nighttime, making it more enjoyable for tourists. However, it is important to note that there may still be occasional sandstorms in the desert, so it is advisable to take necessary precautions.

                                                                                        Dubai, the ideal destination for many tourists.

In which months is the most heat generated in Dubai?

Generally, the hottest month in Dubai is August, with an average maximum temperature of 106 °F and a minimum of 86 °F. On the other hand, the coldest season lasts for 3.1 months, starting from December 3rd until March 5th. During this time, the average daily maximum temperature is slightly below 81 °F.

Aunque no todo es calor en Dubai, está gran región también cuenta con un mes considerado el mes más frío del año. Se trata del mes de enero en el que se reduce considerablemente la media de temperatura a unos 58 °F como mínima y alcanzando unos 75 °F como máxima.

What is the best season to go on vacation to Dubai? 

This question contains some controversy, but it will be clarified throughout this reading. From a practical and honest point of view, we will provide you with a timely answer. Because embarking on a journey to any country in the world entails some research before traveling, such as determining the best season of the year in the country you consider as your destination.

Dubai is a country globally recognized for its extremely hot temperatures. In addition to that, it offers numerous vacation benefits. The territory can become one of the best destinations for vacationing in the world at any time or season. This will depend on each individual, their travel plans, and intentions.

Dubai has climates that benefit any intention of a traveler, so both in winter and summer it is recommended to travel. In winter it is a very good time to visit dubai. Although it is necessary to understand that in the months of November to April they have an ideal temperature to enjoy different beaches and outdoor activities.

Logically it is very hot because it is a desert area. Although it has nothing to do with the weather Dubai in summer. But depending on the intentions of each individual, you can get a lot out of the month in which you are ready to go.

                                                                                           Dubai, a paradise in the Middle East.

Weather in Dubai, for tourists

One of the drawbacks for these dates is that it is high season and obviously everything is a bit more expensive, although once again Dubai has a solution for everything. It is possible to find areas and hotels for all budgets. Summer begins from the penultimate or last week of April, extending until the first week of October.

The weather in Dubai During these periods, it is considered extremely hot due to the humidity. In addition, warm winds contribute to temperatures reaching up to 40°C during the day and dropping to around 26°C at night.

This is due to its proximity to the sea, which results in milder temperatures during summer compared to other cities in the Middle East that are located inland, such as Riyadh.