Sharjah Cultural Tour

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  • Al Koran Square.
  • The Islamic Cultural Museum.
  • Sharjah downtown.
  • The public market.
  • Sheikh Faysal Mosque.
  • The blue market

Se contrata de visitar Dubai Frame (el marco de Dubai) el traslado de la ida incluida después la visita Shargha.

Se contrata de visitar Burj Khalifa (At the top) el traslado de la ida incluida después la visita Shargha.



Guaranteed departure Monday
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Net fees

We will leave Dubai and on a journey of 20 km. soon we will reach Sharjah. We will walk through this pleasant city.

We will start with the Plaza Mayor called La Koran Square, where is the Monument to Culture in homage to the holy book of Islam and the Monument to the Pearl strong>, in homage to “the seven of the union” that make up the country.

From the square we headed towards the Museum of Islamic Art and Culture, located in the historic quarter. This visit will give us a deep understanding of the Islamic civilization, its culture, its history and its religion. We will continue discovering the city by crossing the Sharjah Corniche, seeing the oldest town and port in the country.

We will continue to get to know this Emirate by heading to Souq Al-Jubil, the public market of the city Shargah. There we will visit all its sectors, among them the butcher shops where camel meat is sold, the most typical of the country; fishmongers and shops selling fresh vegetables and fruits. We will pass by the most famous mosque in the city, that of King Faisal, which is next to the blue market. A market that has six buildings and more than 600 stores including jewelry stores, typical carpet stores and souvenirs, known as "Bazar del Patio". It is a traditional market and one of the oldest in the United Arab Emirates, with a varied representation of local crafts. At the end of the tour, in 20 minutes we return to Dubai.


  • The order of the visit can be changed, but not the content.
  • Professional Spanish-speaking guide.
  • A car with air conditioning.
  • The tickets.


  • Personal expenses.
  • Guide and driver tips (at will).
  • Any service not mentioned in the itinerary.


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