The museum of the future of Dubai

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What sets this museum apart is the Arabic calligraphy that covers the entire surface of the building which, being made of glass, also functions as its windows. Includes verses from the poems of His Highness the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and leader of Dubai, which express their vision for the city.



Find out more about the cutting-edge engineering and design highlights of one of the world's most exciting buildings.

There is nothing like the Dubai Museum of the Future anywhere else in the world. Located in the middle of Sheikh Zayed Road (the city's main highway), this unique building, an asymmetrical torus covered in steel and glass, has been recognized as one of the 14 most beautiful museums in the world by National Geographic.

But what lies below the surface could be even more impressive than the imposing exterior of the museum.

The vision of the architect

The design of the Museum of the Future is signed by architect Shaun Killa, a veteran of the Dubai architecture sector for years. The museum was his first commission after launching his solo firm. According to Killa, the museum's design is intended to represent the vision of the future of Dubai and consists of three main elements: the hill, the structure and the void.

«The green hill represents the earth, solid, permanent and rooted in its place, in time and in history... The upper building, resplendent and futuristic, represents humanity, with all its strength, its art and its ability to create in harmony with the environment”, explains the Killa design agency. “Lastly, the elliptical void within the upper structure represents innovation. This is achieved, mainly, by creating an empty space that shows the future yet to be written that it holds for humanity, and the world, in a symbolic way.


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