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¿Quieres visitar un lugar único en Dubai? No te puedes perder el Dubai Frame. Se trata de un marco gigante de 150 metros de altura que te ofrece una de las mejores vistas de la ciudad. Podrás admirar el skyline de Dubai and, si te asomas por la parte inferior, ver el antiguo Dubai. ¡Una experiencia inolvidable!



Dubai Frame Ticket

Dubai's picturesque past, present and future, Dubai Frame is one of the best known tourist attractions among the inhabitants of the city and its visitors.

Like the iconic buildings Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab, its unbeatable location in Zabeel Park gives it fantastic views of the city.

The structure of Dubai Frame is unique, thanks to its 150 m. high, 93 m. wide and the bridge that connects the two towers. To the north you can see views of Dubai's historic district. To the south, a stunning panorama of the city's modern urban landscape, presented like a picture frame.

In addition to the wonderful views, visitors will be able to experience the past, present and future at all levels. For example, the history of the city's past is presented using state-of-the-art technology that combines animations and holographic effects with traditional music and aromatic fragrances capable of transporting the visitor to past times.

Step onto the 50m opaque glass bridge. length of the top deck. The bridge is made of liquid crystal and features a sensor-activated bottom layer that turns transparent when visitors walk on it, allowing them to enjoy a vertical view while feeling like they're walking on air.


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