Come and explore the Dubai Marina. Discover its charms. The Dubai Marina is located in one of the most popular areas of the already impressive Dubai. This place is preferred by the majority of foreigners who come to visit this city. Well, it has everything that makes this renowned and ultramodern city iconic.

Its variety of skyscrapers, shops, hyper shopping centers, mega hotels and restaurants of high prestige and great recognition due to gastronomic culture. The most representative mall in Dubai Marina was named Dubai Marina Mall and it is a place that has the capacity to concentrate more than 160 stores that you consider to be highly exclusive and popular, uniting everything in one place.

Explora la marina de Dubai.

Explore the Dubai Marina. Discover its charms.

What to do in Marina Bay Dubai?

In Marina Bay Dubai it is possible to travel by means of the busy tram, inviting you to take a wonderful walk through a large part of Dubai. It is a means of transport capable of representing much more than mobility. Transporting you to a city experience worth living, since this means of transport is a pioneer in its model, being efficient and fast.

When you are in Dubai Marina You should not miss the opportunity to know the 3D Blacklight Minigolf. It is an attraction available for the whole family, so in this place it is possible to enjoy and distract yourself by playing mini golf in a super innovative way. Using 3D glasses and making use of a tablet through which you will be aware of the score and you will live a unique experience in the world.

One of the most recognized and representative experiences of the city of Dubai can be found in Dubai Marina, known as la Al-Rahem. The magnitude of this mosque is really surprising, since it has the capacity to house about 2,000 people.

It should be noted that among the most outstanding attractions in this area in Dubai you can see hundreds of shops and / or premises for the enjoyment of its customers. In addition to a complacent and totally unique view in the world. Dubai marina is made up of numerous skyscrapers, forming residential towers, hotels of the highest prestige or luxurious hyper-shopping centers.

The Dubai Marina canal awaits you surrounded by surprises, such as a promenade called Dubai Marina Walk. Through an area flooded with restaurants with cozy terraces capable of offering all kinds of cuisine.

Dubai Marina is Magnificent and ideal at sunset

Dubai Marina is one of the best areas that are located in the city where it is possible to have a comfortable walk waiting for the night. When the area is dressed with flashes of light and lots of colour. Offering a pleasant environment in which apart from walking it is possible to have dinner or drink what you want with a lively atmosphere. How could it be otherwise, Dubai Marina also has access to its own hyper shopping center better known as Dubai Marina Mall.

You will also have access to impressive views of Dubai Marina, although from the heights, entering the bar-restaurant popularly known as The Observatory. This is located on the 52nd floor of the Hotel Dubai Marriott Harbour and from its windows you will have the availability of a privileged view of the Jumeirah Palm.

From the origins of Dubai Marina to the present

Dubai Marina, despite being one of the most famous neighborhoods in Dubai. It was born from nothing in the mid-2000s. Hand in hand with constructions designed to be the artificial tourist port with the highest capacity in the world.

After having achieved this ambitious goal, Emaar. Company in charge of the construction and management of the entire project. He decided to adorn it in a large number of skyscrapers structured to be hotels or private apartments.

It also has a shopping center developed on four floors that has a pedestrian walkway better known as a promenade. Which borders the entire surface of the water front and is widely used by residents who are preparing to play sports in the open air, such as: Jogging and inline skating.

Although, you can also take a very relaxing walk practicing breaks on the many benches that are along the walk. The area is also flanked by more than 200 restaurants with a high gastronomic level, but they also have the capacity to offer menus from anywhere in the world.

Discover the charms of the city.

Dubai Marina Beach

Dubai Marina beach is mainly known by the name of The Beach. Currently in Dubai it is one of the busiest beaches for being one of the most beautiful in the entire city of Dubai.

Behind him it is possible to find infinitely tall buildings. Like for example the Jumeirah Beach Residence, the Hilton Hotel and the spectacular and renowned Cayan Tower. While from the front it is possible to fully admire the artificial island of Palm Jumeirah, recognized by the iconic Atlantis Hotel in the background.

The beach is very well located and quite preserved, since the hotels that come close to it have a part reserved for them. On the other hand, the rest of the beach is divided in equal parts, sharing a public area equipped with sun loungers, umbrellas and beach towels.

The rental price for this area also includes the availability to use the changing rooms and toilets.

Because it is not just a place to vacation, most Europeans or Americans who work full time in Dubai have chosen Dubai Marina as their residence during their stay in the Emirates, this being noticeable when entering the Dubai Marina Mall supermarket. , where you can find many products of European manufacture with the labeling in English and even in Russian. Although what can be seen most at first glance is that the clientele is made up largely of Westerners.