We are going to talk to you in this article about 4 curious facts about the Museum of the Future Dubai. This is an extraordinary building that can be found atop Dubai's electronically automated metro network. It is there that one of the Dubai's most ambitious projects, considered one of the architectural wonders established as the most beautiful building on the face of the earth.

This is called "The Museum of the Future" and features seven suspended floors, stacked on top of each other in an unreal manner as it does not have pillars. This structure rests on a grassy hill, with an elliptical and hollow structural shape, while its exterior is made of pure steel.

Entering you are greeted by a spacious living room where the sun's rays filter through the arabic calligraphy which is engraved along the façade. Creating a beautiful confluence of lights, so the visit to the Museum of the Future It will leave you with memories for a lifetime.

The words that read in the calligraphy were taken from the poems of a ruler of Dubai, better known as Sheikh Mohammed. The Museum of the Future or MOTF, is a space dedicated to the exhibition of ideas that benefit the future.

A true symbol of innovation in the future, this museum has the ability to offer a series of unique experiences, transporting you to the world to come.

The main motto of the museum is: “See the future, create the future."

The museum also applies the latest technology to traditional art forms with the intention of projecting into the future Dubai's desire to become the most modern city in the world.

4 Fun facts about the Dubai Museum of the Future
                                                                                                     “See the future, create the future."

The museum is divided into three parts that are considered equally main

The elliptical building.

This represents humanity.

The green hill-shaped mound. 

This represents the earth.

The vacuum.

This represents the future that we do not know.

4 Curious Facts about the Museum of the Future Dubai 

1 How much does the entrance to the Museum of the Future in Dubai cost? 

It is possible to find tickets through the official website for a price around 145 AED.

Here are different packages:

  • Museum of the Future. Nuj Khalifa At The Top.
  • For a cost of: AED 293.56.
  • Museum of the Future. IMG Worlds of Adventure.
  • For a cost of: 305 AED.
  • Museum of the Future. Aquarium and Underwater Zoo in Dubai.
  • For a price of: AED 233.49.

2 How long is the visit to the Dubai Museum of the Future?

The visit to the Museum of the future can generally last around two and three hours or a little more.

3 What's inside the Museum of the Future?

Inside the museum you come face to face with virtual and augmented reality, Big Data, robotics in artificial intelligence. You will be able to socialize until you understand the future of the human being and of nature as a whole.

The museum also houses laboratories for the health innovation, education, energy, transportation, and smart cities. In addition to investing in new projects on inventions in association with researchers, institutes, among others.

4 What does the Museum of the Future in Dubai say?

4 Fun facts about the Dubai Museum of the Future
                                                                                                  Museum of the future Dubai 

The Museum of the Future has as its main goal, to remain constant and pioneers on the projections and ambitions of the Emirate. Like her desires to be considerate the most modern city and exclusive that exists. Despite a political system that is largely based on hereditary rule with fairly strict limits on any kind of expression.

Even so, your visitors will have the opportunity to interact with this revolutionary technology. According to him architect Shuan Killa, who is the author of the project, the visionary design of the museum aims to represent the visión del futuro de Dubai, Therefore, it consists of three crucial elements, although the main one is:

  • The Green Hill.

Who represents the earth, solid, permanent and rooted in its location, throughout time and history.